Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron James and the Miami Heat

As I was reading my book for class tonight I was watching the introduction of the new look Miami Heat, replete with Bosh and James. Also, I have seen the coverage a jilted Cleveland up in arms about LeBron and his departure. Cleveland, he is never coming back except to play y'all and visit. GET OVER IT. The only thing you can do now is get going on that ridiculous claim your owner made in that he GUARENTEED a title in Cleveland before Bron gets one in Miami. At the end of the day, Lebron said he was about winning and his decision would comply with that proclamation and that is exactly what he did. He stuck to his word. I can hardly blame him for leaving. The Cavs were going nowhere and that wasn't good enough. Maybe Cleveland should have seriously gone after Amare at the deadline and things would be different.

I think that the dynasty in Miami will have to get it's feet wet next year but expect multiple titles to go to the Miami Heat in the coming years.

Another Comeback...Hopefully

So I am up late and after having finished reading for class, I decided to update my IPhone with the newest software. During the long and arduous process of updating my phone the thought came to me that I should get back into my blog that I use to keep. So hear I am!

What is new with my life?
The World Cup is about over. The Cup has consumed my life for the past month as anyone knows that I am an absolute die hard soccer fan. In regards to the US team at the Cup, I was disappointed although somewhat proud. I was disappointed in the sense that we should have beaten Ghana and conceivably beaten Uruguay. I was disappointed in our lack of intensity until our backs were against the wall. We showed that we really can play when we have to. I think our team needs a make over b/c a good amount of the guys are too complacent and need to be pushed for spots on the team. I still think Charlie Davies would have had a tremendous impact on the team. After all, he was solely responsible for the teams run in the Confed Cup last summer. I was proud of our guys in the sense that they fought til the end and ended up winning the group and, when they had to play b/c they slept walked the first 30 minutes of the game, showed some real signs that the Yanks are a force to be reckoned with.

Aside from the Cup, school is going again and on that note, I better sleep so I can start reading early in the morning.

Check in tomorrow

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Movies 2009

So I have not done this in quite some time. I have just fallen out of touch with my blog and in with some aspects of my life. All that has changed. I will now try to blog on a daily basis. 

The first subject I shall broach are the summer movies that will hit the DVD market soon. These were the 3 heavy weights from the summer movie line up. Note: Transformers 2 was not even worth mentioning. Just because a movie does well at the box office does not mean that it was good. It was nothing of note and failed miserably at concocting anything close to a decent storyline and I feel like an idiot to have seen it.

(500) Days of Summer
I encourage everyone who enjoys clever and witty writing coupled with superlative acting to see this film. It has everything one could look for in a movie: great music, a dashing star in Zooey Deschanel, and humor when it is needed. This movie sums up a past relationship of mine that was so parallel to the plot of the movie that I wonder if the writer was spying on me. Every guy has been in the relationship that does not have a "title" and that is exactly what Tom and Summer have. She steals his heart and manages to slowly tear it apart. I found myself falling for her as she was purely intoxicating to look at as well to hear speak. Perhaps one of the greatest lines I have ever heard that I can take and apply to my life; Tom asks Summer why none of her ex-boyfriends have ever worked out and she says, "Well, what always happens?" I think back to that line and perhaps makes sense in many ways than one can imagine. Perhaps the scene that made me respect Joseph Gordon-Levitt (not sure how to spell it) as an actor is the scene in the movie in which he looks into Summer's eyes and you can tell that he is so heartbroken, so crushed, so crumbled up inside that he wants burst into tears and lose himself b/c of what has happened.

Overall, it is a great movie that I saw twice in theaters and will buy as soon as it comes to DVD. It should catapult these two actors, especially Deschanel, into the in-demand actors in Hollywood.

The Hurt Locker
If you follow movie critics, then I do not need to say much about this one. It is everything the critics make it out to be and I could go on about Jeremy Renner's complex character. My only critiques were that it was about 15 minutes too long and it did drag through the plot for some parts of the movie. The part in which one of their brothers in arms gets captured and his two friends must save him, especially Renner since it was him whom they followed, almost does not seem as near as intense as the dismantling of a bomb. This one is a must see and should be the leading contender for an array of gold statues. 

District 9
Where to begin with this one? This movie is utterly mind-blowing in every sense of the word. It begins establishing the allegorical overtones and by showing the area, District 9, in which the aliens have been relegated to. The documentary style beginning is quite effective in conveying what exactly is going on in Joburg and gives the movie a realistic feel. From the time Wikus is infected and ultimately has to turn to Christopher Johnson is nothing short of spectacular sequence and anticipation of what will happen next. So the question should be asked, "When and if Christopher Johnson will keep his promise and return to help Wikus and get his people out of the newly formed District 10?" I read an article as I was searching for reviews of the movie for a prof this past week that they will not rush the sequel and will take time to carefully formulate a plot for "District 10." I tip my hats to them because most would already have penned the sequel in an attempt to keep the dollars coming. I expect the sequel to be nothing short of spectacular. Also of note, this movie has made the main star, Sharlto Copley, a huge star as he will be appearing in the upcoming "The A-Team." 

Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome Back

So it will be the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. Despite the fact that Detroit has let me down once again, I am somewhat glad that these two will be squaring off. It is good for the NBA. This match up will bring back all the dads that abandon the NBA once Mike left. I think that is good for the NBA that these two illustrious franchises are prominent. It does not help the NFL when the Cowboys suck nor does it help the MLB when the Sox or Yanks aren't in contention. After reading a book on the Celtics, it was hard to imagine them at the pinnacle of the basketball world for so many years. After all I missed the Bird years so I have never seen the Celtics actually in contention but once a few years back. It will be an interesting Finals. I do not think that Kobe and Pau can take Boston's Big 3. The X-factor is Odom. If he comes to play then Boston will have their hands full. 

Prediction: Boston in 6!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Horrible Discovery

I recently discovered and I have to admit that I wish I had not. I have spent the last few days watching the show that I absolutely love. Even though it pokes fun at just about everything, you have to laugh at it, most of the time you can not help it. I love watching the episode in which the boys mistake the Lord of the Rings for Back Door Sluts 9. Also, the little league one is priceless. Check out the site, but I am warning you that it is a addicting. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Sh*t Hath Hit the Fan

What is going on at USC? Two incidents at the school within a year. I don't know what can come of it but it's not good. They have to investigate this. Mayo is sitting in hot water. He all but admitted his guilt on OTL the other day. He received vast amounts of money while in high school and at USC. I will hold my opinions on this until something is handed down, either in the form of sanctions or vindication for the program. Either way you look at it, it's gonna get pretty bad.

I also watched Buzz Bissinger on Costas Now. WOW! That was bad. I agree with him in the sense that people do resort to blogs rather than real columnists. Honestly, I read more columns than blogs. Hell the only blog I read on a regular basis in Catsam's blog. I write about sports and like all sports fans I have bias opinions, does not mean that I don't respect these athletes. I do believe that this "hardcore" bloggers such as DeadSpin, often steer from fact and would rather substitute opinion rather than fact. I am actually going to the College World Series with Buzz Bissinger and look forward to talking with him....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Huh, interesting...

The other day I watched a show on t.v. talking about how the Big 12 will be loaded with quarterbacks this semester. I think that they will, starting with returning Offensive P-O-Y Chase Daniel. I think that he is overrated and I personally think that I could out run the 5'10 built the same way as Roethlisberger type QB. I think Todd Reesing of Kansas is better as well as Graham Harrell. I was talking to my friend about this claim and he made an interesting point to be about Daniel. Apparently in high school at Southlake Carroll, he was involved in a steroids scandal. I do not know the particulars of the scandal but, I do remember a friend of mine who went to high school in Dallas telling me the same thing. I wonder why that has never been mentioned? Perhaps because he comes from the football utopia that is Southlake Carroll. I think so....